Monday, April 19, 2010

Here Goes Nothing...

How did I get here? I think it started all the way back in 2001, when I met a my friend Nathaniel Rhodes for the first time. We just hit it off and became friends immediately. We laughed our way through The Culinary Institute of America, joking about the difference in our upbringing (him being black from St. Louis, and myself white from Long Island) tastes in food, women and everythibg else under the sun. He was my group leader, one of the best in fact. He was my Class president, and he was my student graduation speaker.

One of his major talents is the ability to talk the underwear off a nun. He is extremely persuasive and very articulate. A few weeks ago he talked me into "doing something"...he urged "if only I listened to him and follow his instructions". Here I am, Twitter account, Facebook fan page, and now blogspot, talking to myself most of the time about food and postingpictures I took or others took of me. It is slightly therapeutic regardless of my lack of fans and followers, it fortifies my passion and love for the trade I have been a part of since my adolescent years.

Where this will take me? I am not sure, but I think I will try to keep it up. Recipes, pictures if I figure ot how to do so and a run down of daily activitis perhaps. I will tell you that tomorrow I have a luncheon for 95 people at 11:30 in the morning. VERY small catered event compared to what volume I will be doing in a matter of weeks. I work at the very same country club I externed at when I was a student, now as the Sous Chef. The busy season will be upon us any minute now, and there will be no time for anything but brutally fast-paced cooking and production. I will be missing my wife, Erica and my daughter, Caroline very much in the months to come. Well then, gotta go plan my future, read on, the next posts wont be so friggin boring.


  1. Excellent! I'm your first follower!!

  2. I'm your second follower! I'm so excited about the things you are about to embark upon! Let's go in superdrive now. Can't wait to look back and see all the things you are about to do! Let's do this! Its a pleasure knowin you buddy!