Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Day in the Life...

So I find myself up at 6:30 every morning, usually from my alarm, but sometimes from a slight tug on my chest hair, compliments of my daughter Caroline. This morning it was all alarm, and it was wonderful. As usual I go on the computer, check my email and get in the shower by 7:15. By 8:30 I am in work, changed into my chef attire (jacket with logo and name/title, checkered pants, long apron, and my skull cap) and turning on all of the ovens, cooking surfaces and equipment, and unlocking the kitchen's refrigerators and storage rooms, getting ready to start a new day. Rarely is the Executive Chef in with me, I never hold a grudge or am upset with this point; this is just how it is, and it means I am the Sous Chef, and I am responsible enough to handle things on my own.

On a normal weekday I have a list of things that need to be done, seeing as we are closed on Mondays I make my weekly prep. list in the office before anyone gets in at 9:00. Today I have to make the specials for the next two days, and get the party going. By the way, today is not a normal day. We have our very first luncheon of the season today at 11:30. My crew comes in at 9:00 on the nose in a flood of white shirts, checkered pants and a buzz of Spanish, Tagalog, and English. It is time to start the day.

The structure of this luncheon was as follows:

*11:30 Passed hors d' ouvres (hot and cold)

*12:15 Plated, pre-set salads, consisting of Baby red and green romaine lettuce wrapped in a cucumber ribbon, citrus vinaigrette, diced cucumber, red and yellow grape tomatoes, candied walnuts and dried cranberry.

*1:30 Choice of Grilled Atlantic salmon with lemon chive beurre blanc with white and wild rice medley, and baby spring vegetables

or Roasted french breast of chicken with a mushroom pan gravy, roasted sliced sweet potatoes and baby spring vegetables

*2:15 Plated dessert of fresh berries, Mango, Lemon, and Raspberry sorbets in a brandy snap tuille basket.

VERY basic menu for my kitchen. Passed hors d' ouvres were in the window at 11:15 and everything went smoothly. The main course was plated up by only myself and the chef in under 30 minutes.

Things went out well, we hit a little snag when the new guy didn't put the first 40 plates in the hot box(a large metal box that can hold about 85 plate at a hot temperature) After the Chef and I separately reamed him out, he got it perfect. We both just got mad at the fact of the new guy not being able to just say " I don't understand" instead he wasted our time by plugging along and doing his own thing. However, after all was said and done, the party went out smoothly and there were no complaints. Trust me, when you work in a country club filled with rich old people, complaints happen not daily, but hourly. It is just all they have left. This was a short day, I was home, playing with my daughter and talking to my wife by 3:15pm! These days will surely be missed in a months time.

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