Friday, April 23, 2010

Awesome Friday Night A La Carte Service! (A short one)

So yeah, this will be a rather short entry. Just wanted to share with everyone what a wonderful, text book day of ass kicking I accomplished in the kitchen. I got in at 8:30am and immediately sear off a case of marinated duck breasts for tomorrows station, and started my mise en place for one of the items on the a la carte menu. I finished all that around 9:15am. I broke right into de-boning, trimming and pounding french breasts of chicken, breading them Milanese style and pan frying them. Break time at 10:15. Back to work by 10:45, I am slicing eggplant lengthwise on a meat slicer to get perfectly straight first cts, then I cut the lenghtwise the other and make small dice, pan sear them in a hot pan with very little olive oil and let them cool, later I will heat them up with some garlic, brunoise of tri color pepper, and kalamata olives for the Branzino Plate, olive timbale, buillabase broth. I made a sauce Vin blanc, also a Sauce Pommery, which is a vin blanc, finished with Whole grain dijon mustard. We had a tasting menu today for a wedding in July, so we made filet, I made Potato croquettes, Mushroom madeira demiglace. I seriously can go on and on, but it was a full day of non-stop work; all of my tasks were accomplished on time and without any difficulty and I was cooking, rather than supervising for most of the time. A la carte service was flawless and our timing was spot ya!

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