Sunday, July 18, 2010

FOOOOOOD rant. Over-worked, over-tired...

I love talking about food, especially to those who are not in the know. Food has a huge mystique and ora surrounding it for many people. Some people are just downright scared of it. Not eating it, I meant cooking it. I love breaking those barriers and letting people know that food is just! It does exactly whatever it is you do to it. A perfectly prepared meal is the end result of a bunch of deliberate manipulations of raw product, temperature increases/decreases, cooking methods and technique. People who do not understand why they mess up a dish or can never follow a recipe should not blame the is YOU! Damn you all to hell! Just kidding. People just don't have the knowledge to understand what circumstance they had put the food in order for it to fail. These my friends are the people I love talking food with. They are the ones that need help and are willing to listen.

So I talk to them. I give them advice, suggest cookbooks, knives, products, etc...chef stuff, you know. The young students and the up and comers of the culinary field are the most gracious, as they are excited to listen and know they can achieve their goals if they just try. And seasoned foodies and fellow chefs are always fun to talk food with, because we understand one another. A phone coversation about the past few restaurants we have been to between my friend and fellow Chef, Dave Bryer and myself is the closest thing to phone sex without the heavy breathing I know of...even still the chance of heavy breathing depends on if I am walking or climbing stairs at the time. We talk about every detail, every component, flavor pairings and profiles...I have to stop, I am getting excited.

What is wrong with me??? Why do I love food so much??? Because it is EVERYTHING. Food has always been around. I make a quick paradox between two very familiar and sex. In the beginning of primative time, humans (or sub-species) ate food only for sustainance and, similarly, only had sex for procreation purposes. Survival was the name of the game. Now let's jump into our era. Both are still around, only people dine out, and cook with fire, seasonings, technique and for what??? TO ENJOY it! same thing with sex...they both carry the same purposes as they did in the dawn of bi-pedial time, but now serve also as an outlet for pleasure. And God bless that! If casual sex and food are on the same playing field I am a deviant! I am enclosing a photo of the dish I cooked my wife, Erica for her birthday. It is a portherhouse steak with potato cake, sauteed spinach, tomato riselee, braised cippolini onions and a cote du rhone pan sauce. Topped with a rosemary espuma. If you wish to see how it was made, join my facebook site!

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  1. Paul, I could be totally sexist and say that you view food and sex the same way because you are male. You know that old saying, don't you? "If you see a man without an (____)then make him a sandwich" However, with every "joke" about such things, they are all a bit true as well. You are correct that humans have evolved the consuming of food into more than simple sustenance; just as they have evolved sex into more than simple procreation. One might ponder why, or wax philosophical; but, I think it is just something to accept and enjoy. Kudos to you for "baring the bones" of the topic!