Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hey Hey There folks, sorry I haven't been around, I had a rather busy couple of weeks. Believe it or not this week is not so bad, even though it is Memorial Day Week. Monday was my 27th Birthday, and Thursday my sister is graduating from college, so I was off both days! We just have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. Today and tomorrow I will be wearing an outfit I hate to wear..one of my real beat up horror show chef jackets, and a bib apron...the sleeves are rolled up to my elbows and I have an 8" boning knife and a 10" scimitar on my table, the whole kitchen knows not to ask me for a thing, these days are butchering days.
I should re-phrase a bit, I don't HATE these days, I just know I will be in one place not cooking for a whole Shift. Today I trimmed a case of skirt steak and 2.5 cases of duck breast; on top of writing the specials, helping our line cook set up the line, and helping the Executive Chef with some baking. Also because we have such a busy week...we received a lot of deliveries which needed to be checked in, weighed, matched up and filed with purchase orders, then put away. Tomorrow it is right into another 180-210lbs of skirt steak and 300+ portions of Frenched breast of chicken. I am looking forward to the end of tomorrow which, thankfully will be at 3:00pm and that is why I love Country Club life, if you do not have a function, you have the same hours you did when you were a student back in grammar school.

On a side note, today I picked up a wonderful silver charm I had custom made for me. It is a pure silver chefs knife. I traded in some old tiny gold charms and the jeweler made this knife for me from scratch, it is one of a kind and I love it. I will post pictures soon.

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